About me

I am Guilherme Almeida

brazilian, was born on December 31, 1987

When I was child, I liked aviation so much. I thought a maximize and I wanted be pilote of plane and fly. But how that dream was far of me, I decided “land” my dreams and follow my other love. Technology!

I always liked tech, and I stayed hours front a computer at gaming. When I still was child, I saw my brother studying algorithm and logical of programming, and I liked, because I always understand those questions, and I wrong in only few questions. That’s when I decided of my future and started to study.

Bachelor in Computer Science since 2010, today I’m married and we have two daughters (so cutes of daddy. They are reason of my life). I’m feel happy! I have a good life…

And in 2013 I created my own company to work also as freelancer web developer in my free times.

I created this blog, beside share with you IT news and what I’m doing day by day in a IT sector, I want learn more about the Technology and also practice my English. So, because that, the most posts will are in English, but we’ll have in portuguese too.

To learn more about me, check out my social networks through the shortcuts set in the footer of this page.